The Green Slaad: An Inn In Hull Ward

The Green Slaad is the largest tavern in Hull Ward (and the only inn, unless you count the Wink & Kiss). It was Tasha Quann’s base of operations until she took over House Belos in FR –5.

People entering the tavern for the first time through the ironbound door immediately take in:

  • The strong aroma of smoke from a fire and from the pipes popular among Aventine’s rougher crowd
  • A slight haze of the same
  • A low murmur of conversation
  • A large, open room with a well-used hearth at each end. To the right, a flight of stairs goes up to a landing and hallway. The hallway leads to guestrooms and the office. The walls curve upwards towards a peak that’s hidden by the floor above. Large timbers support the second floor
  • A simple, highly-polished oaken bar – the only well cared for piece of furniture in the place
  • Behind the bar, a timbered wall lined with kegs and a few bottles of whiskey and other liquors
  • Furniture that’s clearly been repaired a few times
  • Tables are nicked and stained by years of hard use
  • Two private booths in the far corner where patrons can conduct business
  • A menacing, mummified Green Slaad after which the tavern is named
  • A charred, scarred suit of armor and great axe hang on the wall next to the Slaad
  • A small amount of light filters in from four small windows set on each side of the door

Tending bar is an unlikely figure – an aging Giff named Blong Hrusto.


Before –5 FR, the bar was owned and operated as The Leaning Leg by Tasha Quann. At that time, she was a fast-rising member of House Belos.

In –5, she assumed leadership of the House. She sold the bar to a dwarf named Armak Rockfist. He turned management over to a Belos Lieutenant named Panovar Flynt. Flynt ended up being a less-than-competent manager, losing his job in 1 FR to Team Spear after they dealt with the mayhem caused by the escaped zoo of Egethar Sleg.


The bar is now owned by Armak Rockfist, defacto leader of Marta’s Marauders for a short time after she died. The team disbanded shortly thereafter. He’s content to remain behind the scenes, and his ownership is the worst-kept secret in all Aventine.

A cursory look at the bar’s finances would immediately show that Blong is funneling money to “Gravelthumb.” That’s Armak’s best attempt at subterfuge.

Employees & Personae

At any time, you may find some or all of these folk in the bar.

Artemis Hasp is a Gnome tinkerer wizard. Once part of Marta’s Marauders, Artemis helped slay the Green Slaad. Artemis grew up with his gnomish kin, but studied crafting among the Dwarves. His prize possession is a Strongarm he named Crunch. He’s a regular at the Green Slaad. He enjoys everyone’s company, trades stories with Armak and occasionally glances nervously at the stuffed Slaad behind the bar. His favorite game is to have Crunch sit at a table with its larger arm out of view. He challenges passersby to an arm wrestling match with Crunch. When they sit down, Crunch reveals its arm. The construct rarely loses.

Blong Hrusto is the Giff manager and bartender of the Green Slaad. Given the chance, she will tell long, detailed stories of various events she’s witnessed, sometimes relevant to the conversation, sometimes not. Blong owns a bar in nearby Oar’s Rest, but moved to the big city to expand. She is saving up to buy a new bar, but would prefer find a loophole in her contract that lets her take ownership of the Green Slaad. Armak knows what Blong is up to, but finds the steadfast Giff charming and thinks he might someday sell to her. Blong keeps a musket under the bar at all times. Most people assume Blong owns the tavern. She does nothing to dispel the notion. Neither does Armak.

Gargak isn’t really a person. She was once a Green Slaad. Killed during battle w/ Marta’s Marauders, her skull gem paid for the bar. The Slaad’s stuffed body is perched in front of the door, menacing folks as they enter.

Roxlycheh is an immature Beholder. Early in life she lost most of her eyestalks and abilities in a catastrophic explosion (caused by a gnome in her lab – a whole other story she’ll tell you, if you ask). She now goes by “Roxy,” and enjoys the simpler life as a waitress at the Green Slaad. Towels and trays carried on her remaining stalks, she greets all visitors, inviting them to sit anywhere. She wears a single ornate “glass” over her main eye. That glass prevents her anti-magic cone from working. However, if a fight breaks out, she’ll remove the glass and use the anti-magic cone from her eye to stop any violence.

Thud is the half-ogre bouncer at the Green Slaad. He’s not a true combatant, and stays out of the way in a real fight. But he keeps visitors in line.


The bar is famous throughout the city for a game called fast Eights. A game where players control tiny carts drawn by simple automata created by Artemis Hasp (they won’t work if removed from the course). The automata run around a figure-eight course. Players control the speed of the automata using a small two-button wand. Go too slow and lose. Too fast and you crash off the course. Players roll DEX, WIS or INT ability checks to control by skill, intuition, or insight. Each roll is a contest. First player to get four successes wins.

Every year on the 4th of Leafall, two dwarves, and aging gnome and a young airship captain raise their tankards towards the armor and axe on the wall and toast “that glorious bitch.”

The Green Slaad Tavern Sign

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