Marta’s Marauders

Led by Marta Valtova (adoptive mother of Oriana Valtova), the Marauders included:

  • Angus Bloodstone
  • Armak Rockfist
  • Oriana Valtova
  • Artemis Hasp

In –6 FR, the Marauders were hired by the House Belos to stop bandits that were brazenly raiding caravans as they entered and left the city.

On the 4th of Leafall, the Marauders attempted to ambush the bandits. They were nearly overwhelmed when the bandit leader, Gargra Longblade, transformed into a green slaad.

The Marauders survived only through incredible luck and because the confounded bandits turned on Gagra. Even that wouldn’t have been enough if not for Marauders’ leader, Marta Valtova. Marta sacrificed herself to strike the killing blow.

The Marauders carried both bodies back to the city. They’d hoped to sell the green slaad’s control gem to resurrect Marta, but their leader was beyond saving. Heartbroken, the the Marauders disbanded.

Marta’s greatsword and armor hang on one wall of the Green Slaad, next to Gargra’s stuffed and mounted corpse.

Each of the surviving Marauders invested their share of the control gem’s sale:

• Angus Bloodstone owns The Brimming Tankard
• Oriana Valtova purchased an airship she named Marta’s Fury, after her fallen leader and adoptive mother
• Artemis Hasp opened the Mekanikum
• Armak bought The Green Slaad

The Marauders remain good friends. Every year on the 4th of Leafall, they gather at the Green Slaad and raise a tankard to Marta, who Armak refers to as “That glorious bitch.”

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