House Highfury

Location: Axiat
Famous members: Gart, Angus Bloodstone, Marta Valtova
Leader: Bataar Highfury
Trappings: A brooch or pin with a crossed sword and axe overtop a shield

House Highfury formed out of war with Fel House. Kragen Highfury united the other houses against the necromancers, eventually defeating them at the battle of Swords’ Cross in Aventine itself. 

This house is both martial and pragmatic. They form alliances as they feel necessary to preserve the balance between all houses. They have financial interests in the Aventine docks, maintenance of the city walls and most of the military infrastructure. Most of the highest officers in the Aventine military come from House Highfury, although they have to surrender house affiliation when they assume their posts.

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